Leadership Development

Our half-day workshops demonstrate how linking strategic change to genuine self-discovery is a hugely more effective path to realize business goals and to demonstrate culture.

The heartbeat of your organization is a financial metric. But its underlying cause – the soul of your organization – is its leadership and culture, that when nurtured, breathes inspiration and success through your business.

Personal Development

Half of all efforts to transform organizational performance fail. Why?

Because individuals overlook the cultural need to make fundamental changes WITHIN themselves.

By identifying and addressing pervasive mindsets through the ranks of your organization, you are 4 times more likely to succeed in organizational change efforts, than those companies who overlook this stage.
(McKinsey Report 2014)

We have evolved strategic change management programs into profound, powerful, purposeful journeys. Taken in half-day multiples, workshops are tailored to organizational needs.

Executive Coaching

Running an empire needs you consistently to become a greater and greater emperor – what we call your ‘business superconsciousness’.

We subdivide our proprietary ‘15 Strands of Ego’ into 5 KEY BUSINESS AND PEAK-PERFORMANCE PIVOTS to create a revolution of leadership possibilities.

  • Challenge Pivots
  • Communication Pivots
  • Energy Pivots
  • Management Pivots
  • Leadership Pivots

Each 5-session coaching bundle focusses on 360º PEAK PERFORMANCE. To exude the singular purpose for which we are born, through a more fulfilling and successful work day.

  • Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.

    Warren Buffett
  • Whenever I climb, I’m followed by a dog called EGO.

    Friedrich Nietzsche
    More the knowledge, less the EGO, less the knowledge, more the EGO

    Albert Einstein
  • Check your EGO at the door. The EGO can be the great inhibitor, killing opportunities and success

    Dwayne Johnson
  • Everyone thinks of changing the word, but no one thinks of changing himself.

    Leo Tolstoy