Giving Back

Appointed as a United Nations NGO in 2007, our World Education Community (WEC) educates ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (‘EI’) into schools, businesses, government and social services, building the next generation of positive leaders.

Our ‘EI’ equips disadvantaged individuals with the critical ‘soft skills’ identified by the World Economic Forum, empowering individuals with personal responsibility, community consciousness and global leadership:

  • problem solving abilities
  • creativity
  • people management
  • social & communication skills
  • greater mental health
  • life purpose
  • talent & contribution
  • values-based leadership.

The WEC posits that ‘World Education’, when structured and positioned correctly, can become a tangible panacea to local, national and global issues.

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Where the world is sick with short-term CURES, and endless administrative discussions thereof, the WEC encourages the time and investment for its educational ‘OUNCE OF PREVENTION’.

Our Projects

Youth Unemployment

LifeReady, UK

With over a fifth of young people jobless, under 25’s make up more than a third of UK unemployment; 1 in 5 feel they just don’t have the tools to cope with day to day life…

Drug Rehabilitation

LifeReady, The Philippines

Motivated by a 2016 Presidential decree, 1.3 million Filipinos surrendered themselves to drug clinics nationwide. The system, somewhat overwhelmed by such an influx…


Action4London, UK

In 2010, a UK government initiative called ‘Big Society’ strived to empower local communities with volunteerism and so our initiative called Action4London was born…

Community Support

Action4Malawi, Malawi

Action4Malawi offers resources and experience to empower young members of Malawi’s most remote villages. It launched in 2017, focussing on the deep need for school facilities…